Sunday, April 29, 2007

More thinkin' bout some summery knits

So.. last year, I made a post about summery knits I was thinking of making (oh, bizarre! Almost last year on the same date.. Last Sunday of April, at least).
How many did I make? None.

SO! I'm going to make some summery knits this year!

Things in consideration for this summer:
+ OhMyStars' Razor Cami [craftster page] Yes, I have already made one. However, that one was for my little sister's birthday, and this one would be all for meeeeeeeeeeeee. (probably in same or similar color scheme, but debating stripes so as not to appear a copycat.. hm..)
+ Lelah [craftster page] modified with straps.. potentially out of some natural-coloured cotton. Velvety wine ribbon? hmm...
+ Loop-d-Loop Ballet T-shirt Top (Yes, I have also made these previously, but it was a very warm 3/4 sleeve version.. I want one for summer! Hm, I still need to post pics from the last one..)
+ Butterfly (dress or camisole version?) or Corinne (dress, craftster page) -- already have yarn for both, Butterfly would be (depending on choice of dress or camisole) either grey or pale pink, Corinne would be black
+ Mini-sweater/Boobholder [craftster page]
+ Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties from Stephanie Japel's Fitted Knits (which should arrive sometime next week.) Probably a number of other knits from that book as well!
+ Anything from Joan McGowan-Michael's Knitting Lingerie Style, which also arrives sometime next week. (I ordered the book without even looking through.. something I never do! I just love everything on her site, and the idea of knitting lingerie..)

+ Jaywalker socks (even those these are specifically summery, I haven't knit socks before, so it's a bit of a goal for the summer. Jellybean colourway.)

I had thought that I would start with the RazorShell Cami (since I've already made one, so I know how to make it), but I find myself very tempted with Lelah. So, I think that's what I shall do! :)


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh, paper...

Have I mentioned that I'm writing a paper about knitting for my ENGL200 course?
I haven't? Well.... I AM.

And I found a source (scholarly source, no less) about knitting blogs, specifically those in the Knitting Blog Ring. Which made me remember that I am sadly not a part of it because I haven't applied yet, because I don't post here regularly (aka, once a week) consistently.

Which also, unfortunately makes me want to post here instead of writing my paper.

Which sadly, has also been the theme when working on my paper: write about knitting? or actually knit? Knitting usually wins out in the end. ;)

Alas, back to paper-writing.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Ta-da! Hat!

Alas, I seem to make my images too large for my blog formatting.. I must figure out how to fix that.. in the meantime, click pic for larger image.

Pattern: MaryJane Pithy Hat from Little Turtle Knits
Yarn: Red Heart Soft; Guacamole
Needles: US5, US10

Modifications: I made it a little shorter than the short version of the hat, because I currently have a very short haircut and thought it would look a bit silly with lots of hat poof and little hair. I also was a bit timid with this style of hat, as usually my hats are of the snug-fitting variety, as well as with the color. It was a good experiment; I adore the color and the hat-style is growing on me. :)

In other news, I am thinking of placing the buttons on the modified Hardcore Hoodie to create a cross-over neckline. I've been wearing the hoodie, buttonless, around the house, with the front panels wrapped across the body and came to the realization that without the excess wrapping: a) the hoodies a bit boxy/shapeless, and b) I was still a bit cold around the neck because it gapes due to low neck button placement. Plus, the cross-over neckline with the hood give it a somewhat more sophisticated, fitted, Asian-inspired look, and less "I knit a hoodie that I will now scruff around the house in.." (With the wide sleeves, it looks very kimono-like.) So, now I just have to figure exactly where to put the buttons, as it will be in a sort of curve, to compensate for hips and whatnot. Should look nice when completed.. though I don't know when I will get around to it.

Waiting til next week Tuesday so I can order this (and this, because.. yes, I've been waiting to combine my purchases to get my free shipping.. hah!) Tremendously excited about both, particularly the latter after seeing some great knits others have made from the book. Hooray! :)


eTa: ooh.. I just saw this shirt linked from one of the LJ knitting communities.. I want! Perhaps I will keep an eye on it, to see if they make a girlytee version.. since I shouldn't really be spending money anyway. Just wanted to link to it here so I wouldn't forget!

Friday, April 20, 2007


So, the Modified Hardcore Hoodie is done.. except for the buttons.
I can't really be arsed at the moment to put in the buttons, which is rather silly, as there are only FIVE (plus, the two added buttons and loops for rolling the sleeves up).. but still, don't really want to. Right now, it's sitting in an undignified heap on the floor.. ouch.

I've started work on the MaryJane Pithy Hat using Red Heart Soft in Guacamole (brighter green than in the picture even). At first, I wasn't sure about the green being so bright, but now I think it's pretty awesome (especially since my hair is currently red, and soon should be even redder). Still haven't decided if I'm going to make the hat loose like the pictured pithy hats, or more like a beanie/skull cap. I think I'm leaning more towards beanie/skullcap, since when I try it on, it's pretty close-fitting.. I'd imagine if I were to make it longer, it would just be close fitting, with a lumpy long bit on the end. I hope I actually end up wearing it -- while I have a good head for wearing hats, I tend to have hair that is bad for wearing hats.. but this hat looks like it might be a winner. I don't want to do homework, because I want to finish my hat!


Saturday, April 07, 2007


See? This is what I knew would happen.
Since I essentially "resurrected" my knitblog, I have much less desire to do homework, and instead would rather knit, post about knitting, or read other people's posts about knittings. (In fact, I'm currently listening to my first knit-podcast.. heh)

I've frogged an almost done Anthropologie-Inspired Caplet, as, while it looked nice, I don't think I would have worn it.. at least in the yarn I used. (For some reason, it was knit at a really loosely to get gauge, and it didn't quite "work" for me, especially in the soft pink. I'll probably try it again later in a different yarn choice.) I have 3 skeins of JoAnn Sensations Bellezza Collection Dolcetto in Pink (which I think has since been discontinued).. but! I've discovered something. After taking apart AIC, I measured to see how much yarn I actually had (I didn't recall cutting any of it, almost 99% certain, but as a "just in case"..)

The ball bands say "131.2 yards". The first large frogged ball I measure: 128 yards. The next measurement was of 4 smaller frogged balls of various size, added up: 128 yards. Hm.. I unwind the third untouched, unfrogged ball, just to see.. and: 127.5 yards... WTF? Blargh! Not a single ball actually the listed measurement, which I had been hoping for. I was thinking of making the Mini-Sweater/Boobholder, which calls for "approximately 400 yards" -- if I had all the yarn from the balls, at the appropriate listed amount, I would still be about 7yrds short.. and there's not a lot you can skimp on this sweater! hah.. Now I'm over twice that amount short, and wondering how "approximate" the "approximately 400 yards" is.. Perhaps I will still try for it, and make shorter sleeves? I don't know.. hm... oh well.

I'm supposed to be drawing! Back to work..


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Xmas.. in April?

Hooray, it looks like I can post from the other account now. :)

So, how bout a big post of xmas-present FOs?

Coronet + Fetching for the Momma:
Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red

A Tychus for the Poppa:
Caron Simply Soft in Medium + Dark Country Blue

An 18 Seconds to Sunrise hat for the Brother (with tassel!):
Bernat Softee Chunky in Black

(a little hard to see in black..)

There was also a grey (with pink accents) Kittyville Hat for the little Sister, but I unfortunately don't have any pics of it? Hm.. I'll have to see if she can send me an image; I hear she loves it and wears it all the time, and perhaps that means I can have an image of someone else besides me modeling things, eh? hah..

Also, my friend and roomie (and fellow-knitter!!) Amanda used my "Essential Hat" pattern to knit a medium and dark blue hat for her boyfriend.. hopefully I'll have a pic of that soon, too. Supposedly she will have a knit/stashblog soon. You should see the random piles of yarn all around the apartment. Hooray for kniters living together. Oh, that reminds me.. I probably have yarnpr0n pics soon, since we jointly purchased some yarn on eBay recently.. oooo.

Oh, there was also this SWS Dropstitch Scarf from the LJ knitting community, intended to be a gift, but due to circumstances, was never actually given:
One-skein Patons Soy Wool Stripes in Earth

Hooray, loads of pictures! Sorry dial-up. ;)
eeek, I'm going to be late for class!



Well, let's see if this works..
I haven't been posting in a while since I have:
a) moved to Richmond
b) been uber-super busy with school
c) just submitted my portfolio for the gigantor review that determines what art program I will be able to get into
d) been having people (boy) trouble
e) been lazy
f) not knitting as much as I would have hoped.. Life now currently consists of living, thinking, and breathing AFO (the Art Foundation program, affectionately nicknamed "Art BootCamp").

oh, right -- and that I was not thinking properly when I transferred my blog from the OldBlogger to the NewGmailAccountsBlogger, and linked it to an email address I don't use as much. So, whenever I log into Blogger, it logs me out of my actual Gmail account.. which was frustrating. But, hopefully this will work: I've created a secondary account using the Gmail username I use most and have given myself permissions to post at this blog. Therefore, I should be able to post without having to log in and out of Gmail, but not have to transfer the entries manually or have to change the url of the blog.

Hopefully this will work, eh?
Afterwards, I have a handful of xmas knits to post. A little late, right? heh..