Friday, April 20, 2007


So, the Modified Hardcore Hoodie is done.. except for the buttons.
I can't really be arsed at the moment to put in the buttons, which is rather silly, as there are only FIVE (plus, the two added buttons and loops for rolling the sleeves up).. but still, don't really want to. Right now, it's sitting in an undignified heap on the floor.. ouch.

I've started work on the MaryJane Pithy Hat using Red Heart Soft in Guacamole (brighter green than in the picture even). At first, I wasn't sure about the green being so bright, but now I think it's pretty awesome (especially since my hair is currently red, and soon should be even redder). Still haven't decided if I'm going to make the hat loose like the pictured pithy hats, or more like a beanie/skull cap. I think I'm leaning more towards beanie/skullcap, since when I try it on, it's pretty close-fitting.. I'd imagine if I were to make it longer, it would just be close fitting, with a lumpy long bit on the end. I hope I actually end up wearing it -- while I have a good head for wearing hats, I tend to have hair that is bad for wearing hats.. but this hat looks like it might be a winner. I don't want to do homework, because I want to finish my hat!



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