Sunday, April 29, 2007

More thinkin' bout some summery knits

So.. last year, I made a post about summery knits I was thinking of making (oh, bizarre! Almost last year on the same date.. Last Sunday of April, at least).
How many did I make? None.

SO! I'm going to make some summery knits this year!

Things in consideration for this summer:
+ OhMyStars' Razor Cami [craftster page] Yes, I have already made one. However, that one was for my little sister's birthday, and this one would be all for meeeeeeeeeeeee. (probably in same or similar color scheme, but debating stripes so as not to appear a copycat.. hm..)
+ Lelah [craftster page] modified with straps.. potentially out of some natural-coloured cotton. Velvety wine ribbon? hmm...
+ Loop-d-Loop Ballet T-shirt Top (Yes, I have also made these previously, but it was a very warm 3/4 sleeve version.. I want one for summer! Hm, I still need to post pics from the last one..)
+ Butterfly (dress or camisole version?) or Corinne (dress, craftster page) -- already have yarn for both, Butterfly would be (depending on choice of dress or camisole) either grey or pale pink, Corinne would be black
+ Mini-sweater/Boobholder [craftster page]
+ Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties from Stephanie Japel's Fitted Knits (which should arrive sometime next week.) Probably a number of other knits from that book as well!
+ Anything from Joan McGowan-Michael's Knitting Lingerie Style, which also arrives sometime next week. (I ordered the book without even looking through.. something I never do! I just love everything on her site, and the idea of knitting lingerie..)

+ Jaywalker socks (even those these are specifically summery, I haven't knit socks before, so it's a bit of a goal for the summer. Jellybean colourway.)

I had thought that I would start with the RazorShell Cami (since I've already made one, so I know how to make it), but I find myself very tempted with Lelah. So, I think that's what I shall do! :)



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