Saturday, July 29, 2006

Razor-Shell Lace Cami

Despite best efforts, the
Razor-Shell Lace Cami was not done in time for the little sister's birthday... and SO close -- one day late. BUT, technically we haven't done the gift giving yet, so i'm still good.. woot. heh..

Razor-Shell Lace Cami

Pattern: Razor-Shell Lace Cami from Katie Knits/
Lion Brand Microspun in Cherry Red, Patons Brilliant in Black Dazzle trim.
Needle: US 5 circs (don't know length.. i just use whatever interchangeable cable from my denise set feels best.)
Modifications: added extra pattern repeat, shortened body length, HDcrochet trim (instead of picked up +knit), criss-crossed straps (to prevent strap-slippage issues).

Comments: Quick, easy, attractive knit. Will probably make another one for myself; will probably incorporate some decreases at the top to prevent underarm crowding/bunching and strap issues, will probably also help front lie flat better.

In other news:
+ the
scarf i made for Sheba was well received -- surprise: she collects scarves. so, hooray.

+ i had made two of the blind mice from the "catwarming set" from
Stitch 'n Bitch Nation with leftover light blue + pale mint yarn (didn't get a chance to take pictures) for the boy's cat Orion. sadly, Orion didn't particularly care for them... BUT Sheba had found 3 kittens on the side of the road and had rescued them, and the kittens liked them very much. :)

+ have purchased Stephanie Japel's
Simple Knitted Bodice Sweater. am tremendously excited. however, may be a while before i actually get around to getting yarn + starting, since i have decided that i must reorganize the room.. because it is a mess.

also, i... erm.. ought to finish other things i've started before casting on for something new. d'oh.



Blogger Pixiepurls said...

wow thats great in those colors!

5:51 PM  
Blogger uglyagnes said...

Very cute! I love the criss crossed straps and the colors! Nice touches!

7:20 AM  

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