Sunday, April 30, 2006

thinking 'bout some summery knits

so.. instead of studying for exams like a good college student, i am thinking about things i want to make in the future, after exams are finished..

i bought the pattern for the silk corset tank top last night.. i'm a little nervous since it uses charts, but i figure if i settle down and pay attention to what i am doing, it should be juuuuuust fine. i was trying to find a not-too-expensive yarn that would still be nice, and someone online made theirs out of patons katrina, which looks like a good substitute, so i'm going to stop by michael's before work to see if they carry it (unfortunately, i don't think they do, so it will be back to searching for a good yarn to use). i was thinking about a nice pastel antique-y sort of colour, like pale pink or green with pearly white buttons, but hmmmm... a nice cherry red would be quite fun as well.

i think i'm going to pick up some yarn for the
jiffy tube top when i stop by michael's today, since i believe their lion brand jiffy is on sale for $1.79-ish? or something. and i'll probably pick up a few extra skeins to make matching cabley armwarmers or a shrug to go with it. i might have to fiddle with the shaping to get the top to work well with my boobs.. mmmm... i ♥ boobs.

i also have been contemplating designing my own tank top. i was at walmart the other day at lunch, picking up a skein of
caron simply soft for teh aubli's garden scarf (numero tres) and they suddenly have all these awesomely bright yarns.. i picked up a skein of bernat softee chunky in "new" hot pink [whoa!] to play around with ideas.. i think i might do something with black and pink vertical stripes. i'll probably end up crocheting it, since although i've been knitting much longer than i have been crocheting, i'm more confident fooling around with crochet without a pattern, since there's less opportunity for things to go horribly wrong.. haha.. i hope to start getting into designing more of my own things and getting away from being patternbound.

sadly, i feel like i should get a move on making the
lil' devil baby hat for MP's baby boy, considering she just had him.. but.... i want fun summeryknits for me!



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