Saturday, December 31, 2005

FO Archive - 2005 and previous

+ previouslys - various hats, scarves and accessories completed prior to this blog:
Cloche - gift for Kat-baby
Essential Hat (own design; Grey+Black) - for self
Essential Hat (own design; Green, variegated) - gift for Koryn
Pocket Hat (Black+White) - for self
Pocket Hat (Navy+Yellow) - for Kat-baby
Licorice Hat + Scarf set - gift for Tempus
Fizzy Scarf - gift for Koryn
Technicozie - for self
+ Leo; modified knittykitty toy (lion) - for Jeff's birthday (Leo)
+ Kittyville Hat; black + white striped with red pompoms - secret santa for HT boss, no post
+ 18 Seconds to Sunrise Hat - xmas gift, never given, no post
+ Accidentally-on-Purpose vest; black - for Laura (older sister) xmas, no post.
+ several Knitty Kitties - multiple recepients, no post
+ Essential Hat (own design) - Anton's birthday, no post
+ Black Crossed-Mock-Lace Scarf - mum's birthday (I don't recall actual stitch pattern name, nor can find it online..), no post
+ Caron Feathers Scarf - gift, no post.

I'm certain there was more, but I don't recall; I didn't blog about my knitting back then and apparently have lost track of many things I've knit, as many were gifts.


Friday, December 30, 2005

knitting bandwagon..

well.. hopping aboard. making a knitblog. so my non-knitly friends don't want to strangle me with my own yarn. heh..

first post lameness.