Monday, January 07, 2008


Alas.. I am sick. Supposedly it is just a really bad cold, but.. honestly, I can't remember any other cold wiping me out so bad. I called out of work on Friday and Saturday (Sunday I had off), went to the Doctor's Office today, and ended up calling out of work today as well. Started out with just a really bad sore throat, and has gotten worse.. takes all my enery just to breathe! So.. sadly, due to lack of energy, hadn't gotten as much knitting in as I would have hoped to (instead of just sitting on the couch... just sitting..)... but you know..

In any case.. I've finally cast-on for the Simple Knit Bodice Sweater by Stephanie Japel. I've had the yarn pre-ordered and sitting in my stash (KnitPicks Andean Silk in Hollyberry) for quite some time, but it has been often pushed aside in order to complete other knit/crochet projekts and schoolwork. So, I figured I would try to work on things I have in my stash.. and it's going along well.

So far this sweater seems to be working up quickly and easily. I'm almost to the point of separating for the armholes. I still have to go out and purchase the smaller size needles. I'm debating on whether I want to have a beaded carry-along string for the lace sections. I'm thinking perhaps not, since the lace will be decorative enough as is..? I don't want it to be overly decorative since I'll most likely want to wear it not for just special occasions.

Blagh! sick! back to sitting on the couch!
I HATE not having enough energy even to knit while I'm lying on the couch..



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