Saturday, April 07, 2007


See? This is what I knew would happen.
Since I essentially "resurrected" my knitblog, I have much less desire to do homework, and instead would rather knit, post about knitting, or read other people's posts about knittings. (In fact, I'm currently listening to my first knit-podcast.. heh)

I've frogged an almost done Anthropologie-Inspired Caplet, as, while it looked nice, I don't think I would have worn it.. at least in the yarn I used. (For some reason, it was knit at a really loosely to get gauge, and it didn't quite "work" for me, especially in the soft pink. I'll probably try it again later in a different yarn choice.) I have 3 skeins of JoAnn Sensations Bellezza Collection Dolcetto in Pink (which I think has since been discontinued).. but! I've discovered something. After taking apart AIC, I measured to see how much yarn I actually had (I didn't recall cutting any of it, almost 99% certain, but as a "just in case"..)

The ball bands say "131.2 yards". The first large frogged ball I measure: 128 yards. The next measurement was of 4 smaller frogged balls of various size, added up: 128 yards. Hm.. I unwind the third untouched, unfrogged ball, just to see.. and: 127.5 yards... WTF? Blargh! Not a single ball actually the listed measurement, which I had been hoping for. I was thinking of making the Mini-Sweater/Boobholder, which calls for "approximately 400 yards" -- if I had all the yarn from the balls, at the appropriate listed amount, I would still be about 7yrds short.. and there's not a lot you can skimp on this sweater! hah.. Now I'm over twice that amount short, and wondering how "approximate" the "approximately 400 yards" is.. Perhaps I will still try for it, and make shorter sleeves? I don't know.. hm... oh well.

I'm supposed to be drawing! Back to work..



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