Friday, May 04, 2007

Speed demon

Well, well!
I ordered my books (Fitted Knits + Knitting Lingerie Style) on the first, and they already got here yesterday on the third! With the free super savers shiping! YAY. See, it doesn't usually take any longer with the free shipping... and it's FREE. :)

I'm really excited about the books, especially the Knitting Lingerie Style. I want to knit... everything.

Also, speaking of speedy, I think I'm almost half done with Lelah (CO: May 2nd). It's extra exciting for me, because that's kinda fast, plus this is the first mathly-knit. Usually I just pretty much match gauge and pick from the "S/M/L" sizing system; this time, I'm knitting with different yarn, needles, gauge, and am using mathliness to figure it out. Seems to be working so far from the times I tried it on (with a longer circular needle). I'm right under the bust, trying to determine whether or not I need another lace repeat. Pretty much all that's left is the decrease + eyelet row, then the stockinette section, and figuring out what the heck I'm going to do strapwise. Hmmm... ponder, ponder.



eTa: also, adding to the list of things to consider knitting for the summer: Lace Nightie from InterweaveKnits [PDF]. I've had it saved on my computer for a while, but just saw MidnightKnitter's version -- look at the back! How cute is that? IK doesn't have any back pictures on the pattern, but seeing the back really makes me want to make it now.. oooooo...


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