Saturday, June 23, 2007

How nifty is that?

Seriously loving ravelry (if you're already on there, come be friends with me).

It has been awesome poking around and seeing what everyone has been working on. Extra user-friendly.. I'm really liking it. Honestly, it's the sort of site that I'd be willing to pay for membership... and I don't say that lightly. (That being said, the site says it will always be free, which is good since I am broke. Perhaps I can scrounge up some pocket change to make a donation, though, because I do really like them.) Plus, they're using my pictures of garden scarves #01, #02, + #03, maryjane pithy hat, oh! baby, baby booties + stockinette stitch hat in the patterns library. ;)

I've been a little casting-on ADD at the moment. I still have a handful of strap inches to finish on Lelah, but in the meantime have also cast-on for a new Razor Cami and Danica. The Razor Cami was because I was invited to a knitting night with some co-workers. (I have co-workers.. who knit! And, it looks like they're going to be doing a weekly knitting night on Thursdays, woot.) Seeing as I only had a few inches left on the straps of Lelah, plus would need to keep popping it on + off to test fit, I decided that I should work on a different projekt, but the only other one I had currently on the needles was my mindless in-the-round stockinette of Accidentally-on-Purpose Vest. Sooooo, I cast on for a cherry red Razor Cami.

Theeeeeeeen, my roommate had picked up 2 beautiful skeins of Patons SWS to make vertical dropstitch scarves. I had three balls of SWS in my stash earmarked for a Danica (after seeing all the gorgeous SWS Danicas), and we joked around about doing a SWS-along, just the two of us. So then I had to! hah... I am really liking Danica -- definitely looks more complicated than it is; plus, with the SWS variegation, I don't have to weave in all those ends at the end of rows. Extra woot.

Still playing around more with Ravelry.. still loving it.
Might photograph my laundry-bag-full of yarn stash this weekend, so I can have it nicely sorted on Ravelry and be able to actually see what I have when planning projekts. Yay.

Oh, btw... What is UP with keeping on postponing the KnitPicks CotLin? It was supposed to be 5/11, then got moved to 6/15, then got moved to 6/18, then got moved to 6/26, and now says 7/ I want it NOOOOOOOOOW.



Blogger Mouse said...

I bounced over here via Ravelry (where I 'friended' you as well)-oddly enough it was your makeup in the photographs that stopped me on one of your finished projects. I just finished a Danica scarf in Kureyon and its a really nice scarf. I wish they would have had the Patons SWS out when I started the scarf though because Kureyon is a bit scratchy.

5:10 PM  

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