Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Well, let's see if this works..
I haven't been posting in a while since I have:
a) moved to Richmond
b) been uber-super busy with school
c) just submitted my portfolio for the gigantor review that determines what art program I will be able to get into
d) been having people (boy) trouble
e) been lazy
f) not knitting as much as I would have hoped.. Life now currently consists of living, thinking, and breathing AFO (the Art Foundation program, affectionately nicknamed "Art BootCamp").

oh, right -- and that I was not thinking properly when I transferred my blog from the OldBlogger to the NewGmailAccountsBlogger, and linked it to an email address I don't use as much. So, whenever I log into Blogger, it logs me out of my actual Gmail account.. which was frustrating. But, hopefully this will work: I've created a secondary account using the Gmail username I use most and have given myself permissions to post at this blog. Therefore, I should be able to post without having to log in and out of Gmail, but not have to transfer the entries manually or have to change the url of the blog.

Hopefully this will work, eh?
Afterwards, I have a handful of xmas knits to post. A little late, right? heh..



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