Monday, May 07, 2007

Lelah progress

Working on Lelah still. My speedy knitting was halted after I realized that the stockinette section, while it fit, was bunchy and lumpy, despite the math and measurements that I had done. Alas. I wonder if it's due to the fact that the sizing is done by the above bust measurement, and not the actual bust measurement and I am smaller chested than the pattern's creator? I don't know.

Either way, I decided that if I just finished it off, I wouldn't end up wearing it. So, better to frog it and try to figure out a way to have some decreases or other way to make it more fitted in the bust area, so that I'll actually like the top and it would get some use.

And, I decided on 1x1 ribbing. Which should hopefully solve all my problems and be easy like cheating (bust darts vs ribbing? yay, ribbing). It looks like it should work. It will solve the problem of the bunchiness and make it more clingy-elastic. Plus, the version of the top will have straps, soooooo.... hmm, we'll see.

I had my last exam today, so I should have a chunck of time to work on Lelah. Hope to finish sometime on Tuesday.. so I can start something else.. hah.


eTa: HAH.. I just randomly was checking my stat counter (I have one that monitors my website, which is not really up yet, and this blog) and it had a bunch of hits for Saturday. I was like, eh??? Forgot I had linked to the crocheted Garden Scarves on the knitting community on LJ.. hah..


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