Wednesday, August 30, 2006

panta and garden scarves

I finished these a little while ago, but seeing as they were gifts for aubli, i didn't want to post them until they had been given to her. and now they have!


Pattern: Panta, on the forum
Caron Simply Soft in Black
Needle: US 5
Modifications: Shortened length (circumference)

Comments: I'm hoping to get a picture of it being worn by the recipient. She has dreads and I thought this would work very well with them. It was difficult for me to gauge what circumference to make, as since I have no hair, I'm missing about an inch or so of circumference (when i tried it on my bald noggin it was very large, but with the wighair, as shown in picture, it worked alright). Unfortunately, the black doesn't show well in the picture. I think i will be making a hat with similar ribbing.

Garden Scarves #2 + #3:

Pattern: Garden Scarf, from Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker
Caron Simply Soft; #2: soft yellow, soft pink, + raspberry; #3: soft pink, victorian rose, + autumn red.
Hook: I-hook

Comments: I decided to save time to display both scarves #2 + #3 in the same photograph. #2 belongs to me (yellow, pink, raspberry), and #3 has been gifted to
aubli. Her's is very suitable for valentine's day. hah.. i think i'll be done with flower scarves for a while.

in other news, am working on a modified long sleeved version of teva durham's
ballet t-shirt top from loop-d-loop. had to start over when realized that the medium/large i was making was very large. just about done with the body of the second try, must decide whether i actually want to add the sleeves or not. (i plan to wear it at a wedding in 2 weeks, it may be really warm still..) if i hadn't just started school, i would just make both versions, but since i'm a bit cramped for time... hm.