Sunday, November 26, 2006

LYS + future LYS?

I mentioned that I will probably be moving at the end of this semester (IF I get my arse in gear and stop procrastinating on the application essay -- "Education + Life: A Personal Statement")..

In any case.. found these addresses, places to check around here before I go, places to check out when I get to Richmond.. I had them in a notepad file, but I'm trying to shut as many windows open as possible, so I figured I'd post them here so I could find them later.

+ *Village Stitchery, 97 Main St., Newport News, VA 23601, 211-224-7100 (Have been to.. lots of novelty yarn..)
+ The Loom Room, 83 Queen's Court, Newport News, VA 23606-2000, 757-599-3889

+ Unraveled, 9732 Gayton Rd., Richmond, VA 23238, 804-740-1838
+ The Yarn Lounge, 3003 W. Cary St., Richmond, VA 23221, 804-340-2880,
+ The Knitting Basket, 5812 Grove Ave., Richmond, VA 23226, 804-282-2909
+ *Got Yarn, 2404 Wanstead Ct., Richmond, VA 23242, 804-422-3685 (I've heard, is no longer an actual shop and just online orders? hm..)



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