Thursday, November 09, 2006


I'm an in-class knitter. There's debate on whether or not it is rude to knit in class, but frankly, I don't care. There are situations where it is suitable and situations where it is not appropriate, and usually you can tell which is which. I figure that if the instructor does not approve, they will let me know (or, in cases when I feel that it is inappropriate, I stop). My five-hour Friday class would be unbearable if I didn't knit while the professor lectured. seeeeeeeeriously.

I'm working on xmas gifts. I think, as usual, I was a bit too ambitious, what with needing to do exams and transfer applications, etc.. so I will probably be knocking people off the knit-list.. especially those that I'm not sure would recognize/appreciate the time + effort that went into the creation. But I definitely wouldn't have nearly as much done if I didn't work during class.. Plus, it prevents me from falling asleep, or idly daydreaming.. I'm still being productive!

hm.. I should make an update with pictures..
Okay, knit-pictures post to come soon, but in the meantime, make do with a "I'm now growing my hair out!" image. ;)

On a side note, I thought I lost one of my US#5 DPNs about 8 times today..



Blogger Knitasaurus Rex! said...

Oh my god, you're gorgeous.

I uh, sat on my size 0 circs today. I don't know if I'm hurting more because of how pointy they were or because now I'll have to buy new ones.

3:57 PM  

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