Wednesday, October 18, 2006

mystery yarns, revealed

A while ago, at a thriftstore, I picked up two fingering weight 1-pound cones of yarn, not really knowing too much about either.. but that they were on sale, and the shoplady was going to give me the both of them for $1.60. Now, thanks to the magic of the internet, I know a bit more about each.

First Cone
Label information: JaggerSpun. smeared text Ca*** Green. some numbers and letters - JOO5886 2 8 ML WL
Learned: 2 8 probably refers to 2/8, which I have discovered means "approx. fingering weight"
the smeared text says "CAPRI green"
most likely the "ML" stands for "The Maine Line" style of yarn and the "WL" for the content, wool.
Other information: for the 2/8 weight,there is approx. 2,240 yds./lb. - 1 lb. cones. it is 100% medium grade wool, Mothproofed. Cleaning: Dry clean or hand wash in cool water and lay flat to dry.

Second Cone
The second cone had a little more information to go on.
Label information: Nomis Yarn, 3/15 100% Acrylic, Sky Blue. 2700 yrds.
Learned: 3/15 yarn is about the same as a hand knitting fingering weight yarn.

This is probably intended for machine knitting.. but researching the numbers (2/8, 3/15) taught me some things about the yarn measurements (specifically at this page).

But, then again, in all honesty, I could have told you that by just looking at them.. ;)



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