Thursday, October 19, 2006

but i don't _want_ to work on my research paper....

oi.. have been adding more and more to my personal knitlist.
sadly though, i feel that i should make more progress on my xmas knitting before starting up personal projekts.

but, before i can do that even, i have a crapload of homework, projekts and assignments to get done.


though, i have consoled myself by ordering handpaintedyarn -- merino lace yarn in plata (a light silver-gray color, possibly deeper gray-violet undertones) and in burgundy (no longer shown on the site, since i got the last one! but, if i remember correctly, was described as an "intense" red/burgundy.)

woot, new yarn. :)
overflowing stash? what overflowing stash?



Blogger Knitasaurus Rex! said...

We should have a procrastinating party! Midterms, papers, research -- who needs them? We have knitting! :D

Thanks for the heads up, by the way.

12:09 AM  

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