Monday, May 01, 2006

not an online-yarn-purchasing virgin anymore!

i did a bit more research into what yarns might be good for the silk corset top, and after narrowing it down to a few contenders [Filatura Di Crosa "Brilla", Knitpicks "Shine Worsted", and Patons "Katrina"], i ultimately decided on the Brilla in #406 Pink.

it turned out that i think i can only find
Katrina online (and it's more expensive than the Brilla!) and the Shine Worsted looked like a good choice, but i wasn't quite sure i liked their shade of pink - "blush", and wasn't quite sure about how it would turn out with it being mostly cotton/modal.. [what IS modal? oh.. apparently it's essentially a variety of rayon and made from BEECH trees!.. hm..]

well, i knew that people had used the
Brilla with great results. i've never made an online yarn purchase before.. so i wanted to get something that should hopefully work out well, based on other people's experiences. (if i make another one, which if it turns out well, i may very well do so, i would probably try out the knitpicks Shine Worsted, since it seems like it would be nice too. i'm kinda eyeing that "green apple".. hah!)

so i ordered 5 skeins from
personal threads boutique, which.. erm.. i haven't heard any reviews of their shop, but it was the only place that could sell me the colour i wanted and at a resonable price online. so hopefully it will work out properly.. eek!

i, at very last minute today, was struck by the great thought of "if i order yarn for the silk corset top today, maybe i will get it in time for my week off.." but, i don't think it's likely, since i'd need to get it by friday before i head up to DC area. but here's to wishful thinking! i'm having a week off of work to celebrate both end of school (holy crap, i need to de-stress) and to go visit my long-distance boyfriend. (huh.. i typed boyfriend.. usually it's been "person i'm seeing..") but yeah, since he will be at work a few of those days, i thought that this might be a good projekt to work on (and ignore everything else on the needles/hooks. hah.) but i guess it will be a nice welcome home surprise.. as in, "gosh, sucks you have to go back to work, but surprise! it's a package full of yarn!"



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