Sunday, February 26, 2006

mmm... tempting.

so.. yes..

i had attempted to register for the
knitting olympics, but i was late so i never realized that stephanie (aka the yarn harlot) had actually registered me.. and since i didn't know, i didn't do my goal for it! oops.. so no gold medal for me.. oh sadness... :( uhh.. we'll just adjust my goal (which i had considered instead) to be finishing the top for the mum's birthday, which i DID. yesterday. woot. I WIN. *coughcheatercough*

tempting 01

tempting 02

tempting 03

Pattern: Tempting, from
Yarn: Recycled yarn from a thrift store sweater, $2. (Ribbon, spool $1.) Total: $3 + time.
Needles: US8

i think it turned out nicely. the mother kept mentioning wanting something in a sort of burgundy colour (it's darker than in the pictures.. more actually burgundy-wine-ish.) the picture make it look a little strange, since it's an off-the-shoulder top, and i had to try to hold the camera to get the picture right.. so.. yeah. it can also be tied higher to be less off-the-shoulder, which is how the mother will probably wear it most often.. [boooooring..] but she looks great in it.

i swear.. i am not going to knit for other people anymore! i always finish things and then don't want to give them away! hah... and then whoever i make things for never send me pictures! *coughAUBLIcough*

oh, and since i never got around to posting a picture of it (because i didn't like any of the images, since they were taken in the dark with a flash.. oh bleegh... but i'll post one anyway), this was my friend ashley danger's scarf for xmas. (which was used as a photoshoot prop, and can also be seen here. [oh, nevermind..locked entry. oh, here! it's somewhere in the middle of all the pictures.] though in neither place is modeled by her. boo.) she wanted something orange + yellow.

ashley's scarf

Pattern: none/simple dropstitch scarf
Yarn: yellow - unknown DK acrylic (thrift store), orange - target $1 section yarn on clearance for 25cents a piece. (used 4things -- double stranded.) Total: about $3?
Needles: US13? i don't remember..

(hah.. obviously i'm a cheapo knitter... hey! i'm an art student! that's combining the "broke college kid" with the "starving artist"! i think i do alright.. heh..)

anyway... yes.

so.. right now, doing laundry. i had to days off in a row! yesss.. (cuz they messed up my schedule at HT. oops..? bwhahah..) considering starting on a new projekt.. messing with the serger.. or.. i suppose start studying for the art history mid-term? oh, no fun..



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WOW that looks great!

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