Sunday, April 02, 2006

april is for babies

so.. i have two friends with babies due in April. i believe both are due around 2-3 weeks.

Baby One: a classmate has invited me to her babyshower. oh.. oh bother, i thought just recently.. babyshowers = baby gifts.. oh.. hm. i have never been to a babyshower. but then i thought, aHA! i shall knit a wee little hat for the baby boy she is expecting. and perhaps some booties as well. and i even have some
DK/sport weight baby yarn in pale blue + mint green in my stash already! how convenient! heh.. so yes.. did a bit of a google search (to find a pattern that would work with that weight yarn, and after realizing that the few babyhats i have seen, i don't particularly like.. then again, i never really paid much attention to the babyknits.. cuz.. yaknow.. babies.. oh jeez..), i found this pattern -- doing the rolled brim stockinette cap, striping it with the pale blue + mint.. haven't decided about the i-cord knot at top yet though.. i figure i'll test it out, and if i don't like it, i can always take it off.

so far though, i'm a little worried about the circumference of the head. it seems rather large to me, but then again, i haven't really measured a baby's head recently.. much less an unborn one! but, i figure, if it's too big, he can grow into it. besides, babies usually have oddly large heads, so it's probably just fine.. heh..

one time, a while ago, she asked if i could knit baby sweaters. truthfully, i told her that i didn't have any previous experience doing so.. she told me about how the family would give sweaters to the children/babies from Scotland, but the boxload had been upsurped by the husband's other sibling's family (or, she couldn't tell, if the whole box had been intended for the other family, or if it was for both families and they just took them all.. either way, it means NO sweaters for them..) honestly, i don't think i would spend effort knitting babysweaters even if i was paid for it though, since i'm so busy.. but it does make me want to give more than a hat, which i don't know is even appropriate for a babyshower gift (i mean, quantity-wise..) so.. i thought perhaps some booties as well.. but i haven't found a pattern i particularly like yet.

and then to make it more of a complete set, i was thinking about getting a rectangle of fleecey fabric that i can crochet a bit of a border on with the yarn. at first i was thinking white, but babies + white = no good, so perhaps if i can find a shade similar to the pale blue or mint, and use the contrasting color for the trim. or perhaps stripe the trim. i'm not sure. i'm not sure when the baby shower is anyhow, so i suppose i'll see whatever i can fit in.. heh..

Baby Two: The other baby is expected by a model i worked with.. she's an alternative model and trust me, anything "typical baby" would probably make her scream. hah.. or at least, something more "alternative" would definitley be appreciated more than generic-baby items. so.. perfect --
lil' devil baby hat! plus, i still have some caron simply soft in some shade of red (must be autumn red) which should definitely be enough to make the baby hat. i've made the similar adult version (the kittyville hat, not the adult devil hat, so i'm already familiar with the process, so it should go nice + quick).

so hooray for baby items that do not involve going out and buying more yarn..

so.. knitting for babies.. and then BACK TO ME. ;)



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