Sunday, January 29, 2006


i was cleaning my boots from when i went to the club a while ago [they had gotten a bit of saltwater and puddle on them] and there was a bit of the bottom/sole of the boot that looked puckered like i had stepped on a rock and it indented the rubber/plastic.. there looked to be a bit of a flap, so i thought i would push it down to try to make it lay flat against the rest of the shoe.

obviously, since this story is worth retelling, it was not a flap of the sole, but instead a piece of glass (that camoflaged itself well.. it is clear, after all..) and i had pushed my finger down along it and sliced my finger open. owwwww...

and i'm supposed to be finishing a hat by tuesday for my friends birthday. needless to say, he's going to be getting it a bit late. i've also been sick. i'm full of excuses.. heh.. ;)

but OW, stupid finger-cutting glass... :(



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