Monday, April 10, 2006

Garden Scarf

Pattern: Garden Scarf, from Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker
Caron Simply Soft; soft yellow, autumn red, + raspberry.
Hook: I-hook

Comments: it was decided amongst the people in the office that all gifts for the bosslady/supervisor should be red+yellow (her favourite colorus) and flower-themed (she likes flowers). "AHA!," i thought to myself, "What a perfect idea!" when i decided to make the Garden Scarf from SNB Crochet figuring it would be quick and easy (which it was). at first i didn't particularly care for the scarf -- the flowers look really large on the model (swallowing her neck!), and it looked kinda dopey. but, hey, i needed flowers.

i started making it -- a super plus that you actually attach the flowers AS you make them, instead of having to stitch them all together at the end (ew..) i wasn't quite sure how i felt about it until i finished weaving in all the ends -- up until that point, well.. it's hard to judge with multitudes of little yarn bits hanging out the sides.. i put it on and really liked it.

but that's also due to the fact that mine turned out a lot smaller! my flowers are neat little ones.. i just looked up the finished measurements that the scarf was supposed to be (since in the picture, the scarf, wrapped around the model's neck so that both ends dangle in front, comes to about her waist.. whereas mine is boobhigh with one end thrown casually over the shoulder). turns out that my flowers are quite a deal smaller (my scarf couldn't have been over 40".. guesstimating, since the scarf was already given away.. their's was 63.") in some ways, the scarf was a little short, but i wouldn't do it too much longer.

in the end, i think i like the scarf.. and i'll probably end up making one for myself.. i like the bright colours (well, the yellow and raspberry), especially with my green shirt -- it's very "HELLO spring!" i picked up a shade of pink and will probably make my own spring garden scarf.. with the smaller dainty flowers..

and then take myspace-esque pictures with it.. haha, bathroom, shower curtain, over-head camera angle... oh jeez. (it was the picture that scarf showed up best in, since i finished it at like 1AM this morning and had to take pictures really fast before rushing out the door to get to class before wrapping it up and giving it away -- used the nice green tissue paper, as seen in the
babyshower set post, so it was a very spring-looking present.)

she seemed to like it alright, though it will be used as office decoration instead of as a scarf (which it was potentially a tad short for).. oh well..



Anonymous aubli said...

i really do like that scarf--and it's way better (imo) as dainty flowers rather than huge floppy ones.

i like that shirt, too... where'd you get it? (i swear, what i wouldn't give to discover a target here...)

kind of silly of her to use it as a wall decoration, but o well. how's she displaying it? did she put it up on a bulletin board with thumbtacks, or what?

5:18 AM  
Anonymous aubli said...

aw, damn. i just realized it's gonna be a pain in the ass for me to get reply comments.

guess i won't ask any terribly pressing questions in comments here. =P

5:25 AM  

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