Wednesday, January 18, 2006

list-o-mania... but not yet.

i need to start making a list of things. like WIPs + FOs and things planned to do in the near-to-distant futures... otherwise i might forget.

i've been drooling over the
lelah top [craftster thread].. i think i would use some of that cone of cotton [natural beigey looking] and modify it to have straps.. perhaps make a little shrug to go with it.. heh..

currently i'm working on
tempting for the mother as a xmas/birthday present.. it's going well, i just attached the sleeves to the body and am working on the yoke.. just a handful of inches more and then finito. i'm pretty excited about the sleeves, as actually (with the exception of a vest, sleeveless, duH) it's the first wearable thing that need more assembly.. it looks like there might be a bit of gap-age at the part that needs to be seamed, but i can take care of that while finishing.

let's see:
in the near future, must complete:
+ simple scarf for laura
+ kittyville hat for eddie
tempting for the mother [also, matching knecklace?]
+ one skein wonder for koryn and kittyville hat [just needs ears!]

... other things i'm sure i'm forgetting..

other things i'm thinking about:
uhhhhh......... i have the random desire to knit legwarmers.
it's far past my bedtime, and i really can't think straight.
listmadness, postponed!



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