Sunday, July 09, 2006


Of course, I have started on another projekt before finishing up things currently on the needles.

A new friend Sheba (friend/roommate of the boy) will be moving away to Montana! So... I am making a quick little going-away present for her. She's commented many times on the little knit
cellphonecozy I made, so I thought she would like something knit. Of course, the next (and probably last) time I will see her is next weekend, so a quicknit is in order. HOORAY for drop-stitch scarves.

I had two little balls of Aunt Lydia's
Madison Avenue crochet thread in Midnight lying around in my stash. Perfect-o. Started on Friday evening while watching some tv, already halfway done with an attractive light-weight scarf -- good for summer. It will be one of those items that while I will lovingly give away, but secretly want to keep for myself. A pity the swatch of Midnight is so small on the site.. it's really a lovely colourway -- the thread is made from like sergermachine runoff.. it's mostly black with the accent of colour in green, blues and purple. nice. :)

Should probably finish tonight or early in the week. Pictures to come, since I've been lacking pictures lately!


p.s. "working" on my website oi. dunno if/when it will be done, but for now i have a lovely little placeholder "coming soon" page. progress!


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